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Tag: Holtzclaw

Daniel Holtzclaw and the Damning DNA Evidence…That Wasn’t

  09.07.2017 by @WinterwoodGrace Prosecutors have made much of the DNA evidence used to ...

Oklahoma courts unseal documents in Daniel Holtzclaw appeal

  08.24.2017 by @WinterwoodGrace   Courts begin unsealing documents Oklahoma courts began unsealing documents ...

‘The Perfect Victim’ was not for Holtzclaw, but for Detectives

  08.23.2017 by @WinterwoodGrace Champions of social justice love to point to the Daniel ...

Did Investigators Stack the Deck When Finding Accusers?

  08.18.2017 by @WinterwoodGrace   Jannie Ligons was the first in what was to ...

Danger Comes From Feckless Detectives

  08.10.2017 by @WinterwoodGrace The 2 hour interrogation of Daniel Holtzclaw should be a lesson ...

Presumption of Innocence? Not For Daniel Holtzclaw

08.06.2017 By @WinterwoodGrace   The presumption of innocence until proven guilty is supposed to be ...

In the Case of Daniel Holtzclaw- Storm Brewing in the Plains

  07.31.2017 by @Reform_Justice   Much has been written about the sensational story surrounding ...