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08.06.2017 by @51kikey

It’s so much easier to narrow down public opinion than allow it free reign. More than two options often cause headaches for those that would rather keep things simple. The public is often broken down into opinions of ‘Black & White’ or ‘Shades of Grey’, this in itself being narrowed down to two possibilities. Things are far less complicated when a decision is to be made when it’s a, yes or no, a right or wrong, or of course, an innocent or guilty. I’m certainly no different. Many times I’ve begged for there to be less choice on my chosen platform when looking for a film or documentary to watch. 7000 choices of any particular genre that I want to sate my fascination with is too much! My mind is scrambled. I know I want choice but sometimes I just want a simple option. Take the decision out of my hands.

This thought process worries me. I try to let it not bother me relating to my TV viewing habits but, these thoughts run higher up the scale. Social media offers an invaluable insight into human nature. Much is made of the ‘Keyboard Warrior’ who hides behind their screen to say whatever they wish. Whilst many examples of this are clearly there to be seen, it is too simple to leave it at that. For the anonymous it is easy to be outspoken. There is no comeback PerSay but at the same time there is no weight of comment. At the other end of the scale we see dumbing down of speech because there is too much weight and there lies the balance. There is a choice to be made by each individual. Your individual stance on any particular topic is unique. Unique because you do have control.

The ‘Truther’ vs ‘Guilter’ shit slinging battles of 2017 on mediums such as Twitter , Facebook, and Reddit were easily predicted because of the previous incarnations each and every year past. Again, this is human nature and will never abate. The only question I will raise is related to the waste of energy that could be directed towards greater aspirations. Hatred has never been a solution to anything. It is a reaction born of fear that detracts from matters of the heart. Oh so easy to gravitate towards but best left outside the boundaries of progress. It’s important to look at more constructive ways of allocating our time.

Supply and demand dictates that Innocence Projects throughout the USA are well spread. Whichever State you may live in, chances are that you will be represented. Offering your support to one or more of these organisations does make a difference. Linked below is the most up-to-date Innocence Project list I could find. Please let me know if there are any changes to this list. Your input is always needed.

I’m not trying to suggest that taking part should only occur in the post conviction phase. Write to your local legislator in your State and voice your opinion. There is a common misconception that this will fall on deaf ears. The reason for this is that the voice is not loud enough. Stop procrastinating and push forward because change doesn’t materialise when it’s only harboured in the mind.

Remember the first time your passion was lit over a wrongful conviction? An Injustice? I do because it was so recently. I’m a long way behind the game I know! I’m trying to catch up though. Trying to find a way where I might be able to make a difference.  The power of ‘Making a Murder’ first turned my head because it wasn’t just instant gratification. The playtime here ran long. A reason for its guaranteed worth is that it has tempted so many people to pull back the curtains and see the garden that should have been tended long ago. The guilt or innocence of the two protagonists became a footnote in the ever growing story of justice, injustice, truths and lies that has now captivated an eager audience. There must have been a nod or two from seasoned activists wondering to themselves ‘where have you been all this time?’. Still, better to join the party late than never, even if the party encourages nightmares.

Going sideways after an initial burst of enthusiasm or perhaps even inspiration is not uncommon. The 7 week/ month/ year itch of wondering if your voice makes a difference to your chosen vice can lead one to thinking ‘What’s difference do I personally make?’. The truth is that’s up to you. You can make a huge difference and the more of you that make that choice the faster reform will begin to take place.

The power of your convictions are in fact in your own hands. Be involved.



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    James Didcock


    Writer at Non profit organisation detailing Justice Reform and Environmental Issues. Get involved and make a difference.

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