Oklahoma courts unseal documents in Daniel Holtzclaw appeal


08.24.2017 by @WinterwoodGrace


Courts begin unsealing documents

Oklahoma courts began unsealing documents today that they claim were sealed in error. They have now unsealed a total of 4 documents in the matter of Daniel Holtzclaw. At the heart of all the secrecy seems to be documents that may be protected under Oklahoma law and not discoverable. The state claims that this was discovered in such a unique way as to make determination of legality difficult to interpret. In other words, the state wants to know in advance if they are going to get hit with a claim of Brady violations.

Personnel Review Records

At the heart of the hearings were documents found in relation to former DNA analyst and state expert Elaine Taylor. Taylor testified during the original trial of Daniel Holtzclaw as the state’s expert witness on the DNA evidence. That evidence has now come under fire as a group of scientists from around the world question everything from it’s collection to its interpretation. The experts are: Peter Gill, a British expert who worked on the Amanda Knox case; Moses Schanfield, a former lab director from New York; Suzanne Ryan, a DNA scientist from California; Jane Goodman-Delahunty from Charles Sturt University in Bathurst; George Schiro, a lab director from Mississippi; Brent Turvey from the Forensic Criminology Institute in Alaska. These independent experts had filed an amicus brief that was rejected by the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals.

Taylor, who retired shortly after Holtzclaw’s appeal was filed, seems to be at the very center of the secrecy. Or rather, her performance as an expert witness is. In the now unsealed documents, the state questions whether documents relating to an employee’s performance are in fact discoverable, or if these are protected by law. Posed in the guise of questioning notations made on documents as part of an alleged personnel review, they ask the court to decide what is discoverable, if anything, and how to disseminate discoverable material to the defense if it is combined with protected information. This maneuver, while seemingly correct and aboveboard, actually raises other questions. The first question is why a review was being done on an employee that was retiring? The second question is what unique circumstances could possibly cause this type of furor for secrecy?

Still Speculation on Sealed Documents

While some of the documents were unsealed today, the transcripts and exhibits remain cloaked in mystery. This leads to more rampant speculation, a thing that makes the state look worse for the wear. People are starting to question why there needs to be so much secrecy in what should have been an open and shut case. With renewed media attention, supporters for Daniel Holtzclaw are making themselves heard, loud and clear, across social media platforms. Michelle Malkin, outspoken editor for ‘Conservative Review’ once asked, “What if he didn’t do it?” More people than ever are now echoing that exact sentiment.


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  • Patricia

    Yes, please hit them with a Brady violation! Your Prosecuting Attorney knew exactly what was going on, he committed Prosecutorial misconduct. It was the intention of the Prosecutor to restrict document’s, and lie on Daniel Holtzclaw! Elaine Taylor she should also be dealt with as well, misrepresenting and misinterpreting the DNA evidence. Also Detectives Kim Davis and Rocky Gregory for racial profiling! A rapest has no preference on people, only the end result of pleasure. Not Daniel Holtzclaw, Release Daniel Holtzclaw!

  • Kim

    Thanks a million Grace Winterwood.. I’ll definitely be sharing this and I agree 100% with above poster Patricia.
    Daniel Holtzclaw needs to be released immediately, and then a proper investigation of all parties involved in the railroading of Daniel needs to be conducted, with much focus also the detective Gregory and the tech who works crime lab. Right, the so called ‘expert’lol. I’d like to know a lot starting her credentials. How many others could be in prison as a result of Elaine Taylors falsified testimony. Not okay, after Daniel’s release the public is strongly requesting a thorough investigation. That corrupt
    Gayland gieger, it’s HIS TURN NEXT TOO. Omg
    He is a LIAR. His words “if mr. Holtzclaw or his supporters are advocating that there is a test to determine that this is vaginal fluid, THEY ARE LYING. There is no test that does that.”
    OOPS he just called me a liar. In his closing argument that stupid pos told the jury, “…one of the most important facts was that DNA from the walls of (accusers) vagina was transferred in vaginal fluids on to the outside and the inside of the exact location (accuser) says his penis came in contact.”
    That was intentional, it was deceptive. Gayland Gieger got a lil too big for his britches. He’ll pay ground that too.
    I can’t believe Judge Henderson has had Daniels appeal for 16 months now and done nothing regarding. Everyday this innocent person is locked up for crimes he never committed. On that note, Alexander Edwards also needs to be further investigated.
    What a real shame for all the opposing. Smh.
    Oh and also, how awkward was that in the 1st interrogation when Rocky Gregory boldly announced what hand he “masturbates with” just outta the blue.. whoa.
    Omg daniel h was totally uncomfortable. I was too, and i was sitting in my own bedroom watching a YouTube video.Rocky Gregory is a weirdo-freak. Seriously.

  • Tara Uress


    kim Davis
    Rocky Gregory his mum
    Elaine Taylor
    Lt Muzny
    Ginger Gieger Aka Gayland Gieger
    David Prater

    that’s for starters. May their devils pit burn to nothingness. These are the true criminals

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