Danger Comes From Feckless Detectives


08.10.2017 by @WinterwoodGrace

The 2 hour interrogation of Daniel Holtzclaw should be a lesson to all investigators. It shows, more clearly than anything, why bias is a dangerous thing in any investigation. From the very first utterance heard from Detective Gregory off camera, throughout the entire encounter, it was abundantly clear that the interview was strictly for form. They had no interest in truth, or facts, or even professionalism. They walked into that interview room acting as judge, jury and executioner, ready to sacrifice one of their own to suit agendas not related to actual justice. From an investigative standpoint, it was lacking miserably, with many questions left unasked. However, let’s take a hard look at what they did do.



The first thing that can be heard from off camera is Detective Rocky Gregory welcoming Daniel to “their domain”, and asking if  “you gotta piss or anything?” Just one of the guys, right? Because asking if he needed a restroom would be less good ol’ boy sounding? It set the tone for the amount of professionalism used throughout the entire interrogation. Detective Gregory also discussed using both of his hands to masturbate during the interview, which is information nobody needed. Ever. Neither did we need Detective Kim Davis’ response, that she does that left handed. (At approximately 6:01 minutes into interrogation) Keep in mind that these are detectives in the sex crimes unit.

The lack of basic decorum is astounding, and more than a little disturbing. During this portion of the video, it is clear that their banter made Daniel uncomfortable. They go on to assure Daniel that they are trying to be discreet, and hope to stop the rumors with the interview, but that there was already talk around Springlake station. Why was there talk? The complaint wasn’t made there. If the detectives had been as discreet as they claim, nobody would have known except Chief Citty. So where were the rumors coming from? Perhaps the esteemed detectives were not as circumspect in their behavior as they claimed to be.

While Daniel appeared to initially be relaxed, he was also unaware in the beginning of the type of complaint filed. He had no idea that Jannie Ligons had claimed he forced her to perform oral sex, or as Detective Gregory so succinctly phrases it, forced her into giving a “blowjob.” It took around 20 minutes before they finally told him what kind of accusations he was facing. Compounding the danger to Daniel was the assurances by Detective Davis, before he was read his Miranda rights, that this was going to make the rumors go away, and tomorrow the rumors would be about someone else. Was this done to help ensure Daniel didn’t immediately ask for legal representation? A false promise to guarantee he would waive those very important Miranda Rights? It became clear fairly quickly that in their minds, there was no one else. Not even an Oklahoma City officer that had been previously terminated for allegedly engaging in sex with  prostitutes, though he had been hired back, and was actively patrolling during this time frame. It seems tunnel vision was set in the instant that they got Daniel Holtzclaw’s name.

As the interview progresses, Gregory asserts that there was another victim with an almost identical complaint. Only actually, there wasn’t. Not really. The second victim had filed a complaint a month prior, and it in no way alluded to Daniel as her assailant. Gregory had already started building the case of racial profiling against Daniel, and added Terri Morris to bolster that ideology. Gregory was so committed to this course that he approached Morris multiple times AFTER she stated she didn’t want to file charges or discuss it, each time feeding her a narrative that she eventually agreed to. Of course, in order to do that, she had to change the location, the date, and the description of her attacker.  The reason all these changes to her complaint were accepted was that Morris is a convicted drug user with a history of mental illness.  No reason to lie, right?

They discuss video evidence with Daniel, misrepresenting, as detectives often do during interrogation, the actual quality of the video evidence, as well as fabricating a tale of finding pubic hair in Daniel’s patrol car. Again, Gregory asserts over and over that it doesn’t look good for Daniel because of the video and he needs to be honest with them. Here is the only video showing the stop. You be the judge.

While misrepresenting evidence is an accepted interrogation technique that can work on a guilty person, usually there has been other evidence of guilt obtained, even circumstantially. However in Daniel’s case, there was NO evidence at all. The detectives are clearly grasping at straws, but committed to a course of action that they were determined to see through to the bitter end. The adamant refusal to even entertain any scenario other than the one presented by Jannie Ligons, and expanded upon by the detectives is clearly a very disturbing rush to judgment that clouded their reason and their ability to effectively perform their job. This type of thing struggles on for 2 hours, and Daniel never wavers from his explanations.


Finally Detective Davis leaves the room to call Daniel’s girlfriend to verify parts of his version of events. When she returns, she said that his girlfriend did not corroborate what Daniel said, and she didn’t believe him. She also said she did not tell his girlfriend what was going on. So a strange woman calls his girlfriend, and with no background given, questions whether Daniel attempted to have sex with her the night before. Most people would not have directly answered such questions. That is not surprising. Detective Davis’ reaction to this was surprising, though. It’s almost as if she cannot believe that someone would indirectly refuse to have that type of conversation, therefore the one phone call cemented Daniel’s guilt. By this point, Daniel was visibly shaken and upset. He has begun to realize how serious these detectives are about pinning this on him, and he also begins to realize they have no interest in facts or evidence. However, Daniel still has faith in the system he works to support and uphold, and knowing he is innocent, he continues on through the rest of the interrogation, still never changing his version of events.


Detective Gregory opens an evidence bag, not wearing gloves, and runs his arm down into the bag up to his elbow, in order to ensure the bag is open, then places it on the floor. Daniel begins to undress, an ordeal that takes almost 5 minutes from start to finish. He places his uniform pants and Velcro belt in the single bag provided by Gregory (rather than providing a bag for the pants and a bag for the belt), which is then closed up and removed from the room. They do NOT take Daniel’s shirt, which tucks in behind the zipper of his pants. They do not take his bulletproof vest which also has a fabric flap that hangs behind the zipper of his pants. And finally, they do not request his underwear, which are the no-fly compression style underwear. It is also worth noting that throughout the interview, Daniel uses both detectives’ pens, and wipes his hands repeatedly on his pants. After handling these items from detectives multiple times, he naturally MUST touch the fly/zipper area of his pants to undress. Yet the detectives were never ruled out for secondary transfer of DNA, and no other part of his pants were tested as a control.  These details may seem minor now, but they become very important as you see how this case was handled. Finally, he is advised that he is on administrative leave, his equipment is taken, and the interrogation mercifully ends.  This is the tip of the iceberg but demonstrates how this entire investigation was handled by biased and inept detectives.

Lead detective Kim Davis attempts to justify a biased and tunnel-vision investigation on local Oklahoma City News9 in January, 2016:

News9.com – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |

We hope you will continue to follow Daniel’s story here at Be The Rain as we next look at each accuser, and how the detectives followed through on the investigation.

If you’d like more information, we recommend watching Michelle Malkin Investigates two part series,  Daniel in the Den:

We welcome your feedback, and hope for your support for Daniel Holtzclaw.


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    Grace Winterwood

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  • Kim

    Fucked up situation! I hope he proves his innocence and sues the piss out of everyone involved. Hell, they should be put in jail for the amount of time he’s been!

  • Louis

    I’ve watched the traffic stop numerous times and if you watch for Officer Holtzclaw’s flashlight which is the only light shinning that does not have a pattern and keep an eye on how many minutes are left there simply wasn’t enough time for anything to happen!
    You will see what I was referring to all you have to do is look at the ground by the patrol car!

  • Sally

    Great article. I have been following this case since Michelle Malkin’s 2-part series was released. Daniel Holtzclaw is innocent. I look forward to the day he is a free man again – soon, I hope!

  • J.T.

    This entire situation should be scary for every law enforcement officer in okc. The way in which the “dectectives” handled this case should be an embarrassment to their fellow officers. I whole heartedly believe that there is more to the story and that is why the DA and police chief are fighting so hard to keep everything secret!!! The jurors were lied to about the “smoking gun DNA” I don’t feel in my heart they purposely put an innocent man in jail but that is exactly what happened. In time the truth will come to light and Daniel will be free

  • Derrick Grantz

    This just shows how corrupt the judicial system is and why no one trust law enforcement. I’ve followed this case since day one and still can’t figure out how anyone believes he is guilty. When they get this all figured out and find he is innocent, detectives Davis & Gregory should have to serve the remainder of his sentence or be put to death.

  • JJacks

    What an absolute farce of a case. Defective Kim Davis.. It is PAINFUL to watch and hear her try and explain her actions. Her blink blink, look sideways, blink blink drove me insane. She constantly looked away from the camera when answering.. She came across as being deceptive to me.

    I watched Michelle Malkin’s investigative video’s and I’m stunned at how this case was (mis)handled. Sealed meetings that the Defense attorney is NOT allowed invited to? Isn’t that ex-parte? I was under the silly notion that was not allowed?

    Great article, I’ll be watching BTR for updates!

  • renee

    i thought the law let this guy go after they realized they arrested the wrong fellow, i need an update! i thought ex cop edwards was areested and this mess for the innocent guy no one could identify was already filed away. like 2 years ago? wtf

  • Joe

    This is a tragedy all around, for everyone involved. But the fact remains, there is a mountain of evdience and the guy did it. Get over it.

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