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James Didcock mm

Writer at http://betherain.org Non profit organisation detailing Justice Reform. Get involved. You make a difference.

Door is Now Ajar: Marcellus Williams accepts “Allah’s Will”

  08.23.2017 by @51kikey Williams lawyer describes DNA evidence that could exonerate Death Row ...

The Case of Marcellus Williams: Reasonable doubt? Without a doubt.

  08.19.2017 by @51kikey Marcellus Williams was arrested in November of 1999 for the ...

The Icelandic Six- Six False Confessions On Ice Since 1974

  08.16.2017 by 51kikey Iceland rests in the North Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by cold ...

Independent Experts Becoming a Danger to State Narratives

  08.13.2017 by 51kikey Backstories can help or hinder in varying ways. In relation ...

Public Opinion Matters: Get Involved

08.06.2017 by @51kikey It’s so much easier to narrow down public opinion than allow ...

All eyes on 7th Circuit over Dassey ruling

    07.26.2017 by @51kikey The 3 Judge panel from the 7th Circuit Court ...

Melissa Calusinski & The Game Of Accountability

  07.21.2017   by @51kikey   Lake County in the State of Illinois is aptly named. ...

Brady be the new buzzword:

  07.18.2017   by @51kikey   Speaking to an ex-friend a week or so past I ...