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Writer, Editor, Advocate for change. Freedom is what we make it. Join the conversation.

WB National Guard: Signed- Unarmed Citizens

    This article will open a new series and discussion regarding issues of ...

Tearing up the Blue Slip- Judges Apply Within

  09.06.2017 by @Reform_Justice   Here at BTR, we will not look to overtly ...

Ignoring Qi- Apple Turns On Wireless Greed

  08.28.2017 by @Reform_Justice Today it was leaked that the new iPhone 8s are ...

In the Case of David Thorne:

  08.26.2017 by @Reform_Justice   An Overview   David Thorne was convicted of the ...

Dakota Access Pipeline: Where Do We Stand?

  08.18.2017 by @Reform_Justice   Almost exactly a year ago today we embarked upon ...

“I Have Seen the Promised Land”

  It is NOT Charlottesville, Va… 08.13.2017 by @Reform_Justice … a great man once ...

In the Case of Daniel Holtzclaw- Storm Brewing in the Plains

  07.31.2017 by @Reform_Justice   Much has been written about the sensational story surrounding ...

In the case of John David Brookins:

  07.26.2017 by @Reform_Justice   In a Pennsylvania Superior Court decision dated September 5th, ...

The Wind Blows Free- Or Does it?

  02.24.2017 by @Reform_Justice   This week political interests in North Dakota (the sixth ...

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